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Cotton harvesting equipment (cotton pickers) have changed dramatically and this has meant that our builders have had to be modified and upgraded to include safety features and increased capacity as well to ensure that cotton harvesting equipment can be used to their optimum capacity.

Operator's safety has become a major consideration and all modification and design changes now have operator safety in mind.

Training of the module builder operator is the key issue and Gunnedah Industries has overcome this by including training with every purchase of a module builder.  This takes the form of:

bulletOn farm hands-on working demonstration of the builder showing standard operating procedures and pointing out safety issues.
bulletVHS/DVD video training aid which can be shown to individuals or groups of new operators which will enhance the property owners' duty of care obligations in making sure that operators are properly trained and inducted.
bulletOperator's Manual.

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Super Dump

Gunnedah Industries has been manufacturing Cotton Module Builders since 1980.  The designs of our Module Builders have changed dramatically over the years to now include 2 models, the Standard and the Super Dump.

Premium Operator Safety Features

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Trolley Runs On Inside Of Builder

Operator  Safety Manual and Video


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Automation Products

Mr Stomp Automation System


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Most Makes and Models of Cotton Module Builders can be upgraded and upsized.

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Boll Buggy

New Design Coming Soon!!!

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