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Electronic G-Force Monitoring System


The GTrak electronic G-force monitoring system was designed by SVS Concepts, primarily to provide control of brake lights which are retro-fitted to agricultural machines that are required to travel on public roads.

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The system includes state of the art accelerometer sensors coupled with a microprocessor-based intelligent signal-processing system. It constantly analyses the G forces acting on the vehicle, automatically correcting for factors such as temperature variation, slope, vibration and component ageing to provide a reliable indication of vehicle deceleration. When the vehicle decelerates at a rate exceeding a preset threshold value, the brake lights are activated. The standard GTrak system is self-contained, requiring no external relays or switches to control the brake lights.

Optional features include the monitoring of side thrust G forces allowing the system to activate an external alarm when the side tilt angle is excessive, the vehicle cornering speed is excessive or a combination of both. In addition, custom versions of the monitoring system are available for specialized applications.

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A standard GTrak installation is depicted in the above diagram. The GTrak sensor unit is typically mounted in the cab of the machine. A cable harness connects the sensor to the machine’s 12V battery and to the brake lights fitted to the rear of the machine. No other connections are required. Depending on the vehicle, the GTrak monitoring system can be installed in as little as 30mins. The GTrak sensor unit can be quickly and easily moved from one vehicle to another if required.

  GTrak can be fitted to any hydrostatically driven agricultural machinery such as harvesters, pickers and tractors as well as cotton module builders, trailers, boll buggies etc – any machinery which is required to travel or be towed on public roads.

  The basic sensor kit includes the GTrak sensor equipped with a nominal 250mm cable tail and 5way male connector assembly and installation instructions. This basic kit requires the purchaser to provide their own cable harness, brake lights and mounting hardware.

  A standard accessory range is available to purchasers of the above sensor to simplify the installation process and provide additional features. The range includes long and short cable harnesses, mounting bracket and screws, circular level, approved brake lights, anti-vibration mounts, tilt/cornering alarm buzzer, sealed lead acid battery, mains battery charger and solar battery charging system.

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  Custom accessories are also available on request including special cable harnesses, brake lights, alarms and mounting brackets.

  GTrak sensor units and all accessories are available from Gunnedah Industries.

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